Build Your Virtual Freelance Business the Smarter Way  

Discover how you can build a profitable online business working from anywhere as a Virtual Assistant (VA). This step by step Virtual Assistant pathfinder programme will teach you how to create, launch, and scale your own virtual assistant business & work from anywhere.  

I have been running my own successful Virtual Assistant business for over 12 years & I have learnt what works and doesn't work. I will share with you the tools, strategies and resources which I have used to sell out my services & double my income year on year. 

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Who is the VA Pathfinder for?

If any of these sound like you, then the VA pathfinder programme is for you!

  • Are you looking to change your career & lifestyle? 
  • Are you tired of working for someone else?  
  • Do you want to break free of the cubicle?  
  • Leave the daily grind of 9 to 5?  
  • Do you want to spend more time with your loved ones?
  • Do you want to be the Master of your own schedule?
  • Have you spent numerous years learning new skills while growing someone else's business?


  YES !!!  

Then you can put all those skills to good use and set up your own virtual assistant business with the skillset you already have and choose the life and freedom you DESERVE.

What others have to say.....

"Carmel is 100% involved in the training process and the VA Pathfinder programme is a life-changer.  

The training process provides step by step help and guidance throughout.  

I feel so excited and enthusiastic to get started on the next phase of my life as a Virtual Assistant – the freedom and opportunities this course offers are second to none and it really is a ‘no-brainer’ for anyone thinking about enrolling in it."

Having worked in business for several decades, I had been thinking of using the skills I have developed to set up my own business, but had no idea how to go about it.  

On discovering the Virtual Business Academy, I attended a seminar and realised it was a ‘no-brainer’ for me to sign up - this course ticks all the boxes I need to launch a ‘ready to go’ business. Carmel's experience is a huge bonus and proving invaluable. I highly recommend the VA pathfinder programme, if you value your years of experience and want to get them working for you."

About me

I have been in the VA / online industry for over 12 years and have made incredible changes to my life as a result. I have impacted many businesses during this time allowing my clients to create their desired lifestyle and focus on their business growth. I built my own online business from scratch & now I have an ideal working environment where I can work from wherever I choose, whether that be my home office or a location around the world.  

I’m the owner and leader behind the business that is Carmel David, offering Online Business Management services to business owners around the globe. I work with many different types of businesses from start-ups to multi 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs. I am proud to say, that I still work with some of the same businesses who supported me from day one.  

I am also a Virtual Assistant Business Mentor & the creator of the VA Pathfinder programme. I love to inspire & support others to build and grow their own online business just like I have. I’m married to Andy & we currently live in County Leitrim, Ireland with our 3 children, Chelsi, Jayd & Baily.  

Why is this programme for you?

You know that you are capable and that there is more to you than what you have been doing up to now. You want to get started with running your own virtual assistant business but there is so much information out there it leaves you wondering how it can be done.  

The great news is you do not have to do it alone. I am going to show you how and support you along the way.  

The most common mistake that people make when starting their Virtual Assistant business is they spend so much time researching and testing to see if there is a market there for their services and end up having the marketplace running their business.  

At The Virtual Business Academy the work has been done for you!  

I have tested the market for you and have come up with strategies that work.  

I have created the VA pathfinder, a simple step by step training programme for you so you do not have to waste time and finances learning the hard lessons.  

What can you achieve by implementing this plan?  

No more frustration with researching for hours with no answers  

Only a step-by-step plan.  

And a proven system that WORKS.  

How do I know this will work?  

"Because it is everything I do myself and it works for me. I have successfully created two companies that have allowed me the freedom to enjoy what is most important in my life while using the systems that I am going to share with you, I have also worked with multiple business owners as a VA & Online Business Manager & have supported them as they scale their businesses to 6 & 7 figures. I also know that VA services are in high demand & I want to show you how you too can build and grow a successful VA business from scratch within a few hours per week"  

If this is something that you are committed to in 2019

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